Partners In The NEK

(NEK = Northeast Kingdom, the least wealthy, most beautiful corner of Vermont)

Sometimes you have to forego all the big-city benefits in order to benefit from living in heaven-on-Earth.  Still, sometimes folks team up to make sure you get what you need and want.  For example:

Tim & Doug


Even Better: Tim & Doug at the Pick & Shovel


And if you need groceries on the way home, C & C:


All these partnerships (and many more) want to make it possible for you to remain here, in the NEK:

nek autumn

RDP Sunday — Homecoming / Partners

One thought on “Partners In The NEK

  1. It looks so pretty in that last picture.

    We’ve been in the general area when touring, but, as you allude, further south.

    We’d been visiting the lovely von Trapp farm and stayed in Stowe at the restful Green Mountain Inn. Being English tourists we did also visit B&J’s “Peace, Love and Ice Cream” place although after the tranquility elsewhere it seemed rather busy.

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