Not All Attempts Are Successful

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is “Bridge”.

I was recently passing through Sharon, VT and was reminded of what happened there; reminded of this poem, which I wrote ages ago and which was originally published in Amygdala in 2015,  and is also included in my chapbook, FALLEN AWAY, released earlier this year from Finishing Line Press.


Nearly dawn
near the border:
Seconal, Valium, booze.
No one expected
the slow opening of eyes,
least of all
the man among the ferns, dismayed.
This was to be the longest sleep,
the rest, at last, so well-deserved.
Imagine his surprise:
dew-soaked, a slug
across the bridge of his nose,
no shoes or recollection.


RDP Tuesday — Bridge

One thought on “Not All Attempts Are Successful

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