Café Duet


I’m very happy and honored to have two poems in the just-released issue (#14) of The Writers’ Café Magazine. The theme for this issue is “Frost And Dew” and my contributions are titled Inside Winter and Stormfront: Bookstore Café.

The Writers’ Café has been around for quite some time, and spawned The Writers’ Café Magazine just over a year ago. I only just discovered them recently, and I’m very glad that I did; tons of great writing every month, and the Frost & Dew issue is no exception.

Sincere thanks to Café Guru Marie Lightman (and anyone else who gave a thumbs-up) for including my work.

You can find my poems here.

You’ll have to scroll down considerably far to find me, but take some time along the way to read all the other fine work you’ll find there.

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