No Time For Preamble


Wowza! My head’s still spinning.

I submitted a flash CNF to The Drabble on 11/19 and settled in to await response.
I received a response this morning (ACCEPTANCE—YAY!)  A 17-day turnaround.

AND: The email concluded: “It should be posted later today.”

“Unforgettable” at The Drabble

I used my Submission Tracker (Duotrope) to look back at previous Drabble submissions and realized that they have one of the most rapid-response systems I’ve encountered.

And they’re not only fast, but they’re Goo-ood! Definitely Bookmark-able!

This is my 6th appearance at The Drabble in just over two years. Timely responses and frequent acceptances. What more could a writer ask?

Read The Drabble!!

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