Pledge Drive


He drives to work every day all week long;
drives and listens to the pitch and beg
every day for a week twice a year, listens to
the toll-free number endlessly repeated,
1 800 639 6391 over and over and over; drives
and thinks about the 15 dollars, charged
to his credit card monthly; thinks about
his sustaining membership, 180 well-spent
…………..When he finally arrives at work
he looks forward to getting out for lunch,
looks forward to Terry Gross and Fresh Air,
Dick Gordon and The Story, or maybe—if he’s
lucky—All Things Considered.
………………………………………………..When the day
ends, he drives back home; drives back home
listening to the magic number again and again,
then settles in with his coffee mug, a gift
for his ongoing generosity. He tunes the radio
to Friday Night Jazz.
…………………………………His cup runneth over.

RDP Tuesday — Broadcast
Real Toads — Tuesday Platform

7 thoughts on “Pledge Drive

  1. There is a comfort in the familiar voices, the low-key slightly ironic voices, the kind of comfort you get when they offer you a heated blanket in the OR: small things, but memorable.

  2. Before i retired, I had a friend at the post office who used to do made-up NPR pieces with me. One of us would say, “X works the morning shift at X post office (sound of equipment rolling by) but X’s mind might be on Blake or Tennyson as the hours pass and the sorting machines whir.” Then the other would take it up, and on and on. This made me remember that.

  3. I love this. I love NPR. I miss Thhhiiiss iss the Diiianne Rheem showww. The programming is enough but having that coffee cup really makes the hours of contribution requests worth it…lol. This was clever, imaginative and a slice of life that I really enjoyed, thanks for sharing.

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