Thursday Thirteen

Rejection’s part of the game. A big part of the game. My overall acceptance ratio (appx 23%) is comparatively high, I suppose, for a writer of my meager stature, if you can believe the analysis provided by Duotrope, my submissions tracking database. Still, rejections always outnumber submissions  — ”bigly,” as the man says.

(I bear the following publishers no ill will.)

13 Latest Rejectors

• (Last Night) ATRIUM – 3 poems
• (Sept) Sky Island Journal – 3 poems
• (Sept) One Sentence Poems – 2 poems
• (Sept) 50-Word Stories – 1 flash
• (Aug) Here comes Everyone – 1 poem (+ 1 Acceptance!)
• (July) Pigeon Pages Flash Fiction – 1 flash
• (July) Inside The Bell Jar – 2 flash
• (July) The Hummingbird Prize – 1 flash (Shortlisted!)
• (June) Sad Girl Review – 2 poems
• (May) Sky Island Journal – 3 poems
• (April) The Hunger – 2 poems
• (March) The Cabinet of Heed – 1 flash
• (March) jmww – 3 poems

More T-13s Here

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. At least you’re submitting. That’s more than I do. I write stuff and shove it out of sight. I haven’t submitted poetry or fiction in years. Nonfiction I do okay with, but that’s mostly newspaper work and I don’t count it as “submission” really because I’ve already accepted the assignment.

  2. You’re so good about submitting. I’m mostly lame. I had one published from one on your list (One Sentence). I also think your list is a good list for me to check out more possibilities. I also always forget who I sent what to on the rare occasion that I do.

    • CR:
      I strongly recommend Duotrope. Their very reasonable yearly fee gives you access to its HUGE huge database (poetry & prose) including up-to-date Guidelines, Acceptance Rates, Links to all venues, etc. etc. AND it’s invaluable for keeping track of what you’ve got out there, how long you’ve been waiting, etc. etc. etc. It’s very easy to use.
      I can’t think of a single negative aspect. I THINK you can still sign up for a month-long trial for only a couple bucks. You should check them out.

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