Release Delayed…Arrrgh!!!

fallen small

I am certainly disappointed and significantly frustrated to let you know: 

Last night’s e-mail from my editor at Finishing Line Press advises me (in part) that “…it will take a few [more] weeks before the books begin printing/shipping…”

Since you’ve already laid out your hard-earned bucks for this book, I’d like to give you more details about this delay but, unfortunately, my re-reading of the Confidentiality Clause in the Publishing Contract probably precludes me from doing so.  Sorry.

I WILL keep you posted!  I’ve asked them to expedite the process wherever possible. I’m fairly confident that the delay will be minimal, and your book will ship in early October.

I believe I’ll have more info for you as the new date approaches.

Thanks in advance for your patience.



Obligatory Hucksterism:

In case you haven’t already laid out your hard-earned bucks for this marvelous chapbook, you may do so here:

Fallen Away – Ron. Lavalette

3 thoughts on “Release Delayed…Arrrgh!!!

  1. Thanks for the update, Ron. I was just wondering whether my order went through in the same way I know when boiled eggs are done without looking at the clock.

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