Maine Surf

Oh, sure, it’s a beach
but it’s a Maine beach
which means it’s only
rocky sand beside icy
seawater, semi-frigid
even in the middle of July.

The morning surf at Ogunquit,
like surf everywhere, I guess,
never shuts the fuck up, never
stops—even for one blessed
moment at its highest high point
or its ebbest ebb. No.
It just keeps surfing away,
tidal static in the background
of what could otherwise be a
beautiful, silent Sunday sunrise.

Real Toads Weekend Challenge: Seaside

10 thoughts on “Maine Surf

  1. it can be overwhelming, especially when you’re near the part where the rocks are.

    Welcome to the the land of ‘ankle ache’ where parents are endlessly monitoring their kids for severe sunburn and hypothermia at the same time.

    Then again, if it didn’t make a surfy noise it wouldn’t be an ocean…

  2. Perfect, Ron.
    I was in that part of Maine in June and could not believe the rocky shore ( or the freezing water) compared to my long experience with white powdery sand and bath temperature sea water!

  3. Your beach is so different to the ones I know – this is what I enjoy about reading responses to a prompt. I love the
    ‘rocky sand beside icy
    seawater, semi-frigid
    even in the middle of July’
    and the ‘morning surf at Ogunquit’ that never shuts up!.Especially the name. Any idea what Ogunquit means? Anyway, I like the phrase ‘It just keeps surfing away’.

  4. This wild-sounding beach is new to me too and so vivid your words, I can imagine the roar of the surf and its thrash against rocks.
    Excellent write of a personal perspective.
    Anna :o]

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