Eighteen Words And A Free Sample

A Week Ago: Where Was I?

I looked back, this morning, to see what witty or sage words I had for last week’s Six Word Saturday only to discover…nada.  What the Hell?!?  I tried to reconstruct my week leading up to 7/21 but again…nada.

I may have been abducted by Aliens or something.

And I admit to being considerably preoccupied by keeping track of book orders, worrying about meeting the publisher’s (Finishing Line Press) deadline for Advance Sales, and attempting to overcome my natural reluctance to (blatantly) say “Look at me! Look at ME!!”


And while we’re on the subject of Me, Me, Me, let me just say this: FLP has advised me that my final numbers won’t be available until Monday, (the deadline was yesterday), but they’ve assured me that I’ll be given one last opportunity to submit an order for whatever number remains to reach the minimum.  I’m pretty sure I’ve hit the mark, but I have a beautiful and magnanimous benefactor who has promised to put me over the top if needed.  XOXO, My Beloved.

So, another Six Words:

Thank You, Everyone.  Enjoy The Poetry!

(Release Date: 9/21/17)


And (As Promised): A Free Sample

Since The Publisher encourages providing reader with a free sample of the Soon-To-Be-Published Work, here’s a taste from “Fallen Away”: (Trust me, they’re not all this dark).


There is neither edge nor precipice;
nor slide, nor knowable fall.
There is only bottom.
Lack makes itself known
abruptly, not losing or loss.
There is only nothing, suddenly.

There is neither flight nor flying
nor slipping away into airlessness;
there is no drag or drain, no
low warning, no looming alarm.
There is only bottom and nothing.

OK. Enough. Go visit Six Worders Elsewhere

Fallen Cover

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