Thursday Thirteen

13 Reasons Why My Last Few T-13s Have Sucked So Badly Or Been Absent Altogether

I’ve Been Kinda

1. Busy
2. Tired
3. Lazy
4. Preoccupied
5. Uninspired
6. Forgetful
7. Ill
8. Afraid Of Failure
9. Depressed
10. Dazed
11. Confused
12. Scattered
13. Tongue-Tied

(As you can see, I’m still kinda, uh, all those things. Maybe next week, I’ll plan ahead a little better. Maybe. But the next few weeks are already looking kinda, uh… So, um, don’t hold your breath. August, maybe…)

Don’t forget me, please.

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6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. There’s no law that you hafta. I keep forgetting that it’s Thursday and then realize omg it’s Friday, they must have left Thursday out of the mix this week…

    it’s okay. really.

  2. I’ve been there a lot lately, too. In the last couple of years I’ve gone to devotedly posting something five days a week to maybe posting three times a week when I’m lucky. I guess after twelve years of blogging I just don’t have the same energy.

  3. It’s not a requirement but I am always glad to see your name on the list. I feel that way a lot too. I think something is tweeting through the air that is causing a disruption of the rhythm of the soul.

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