Six Word Saturday


Yet More Proof Of Zombie Reincarnation

Back in January, the Editors of Coffin Bell (a journal of dark literature) published its fine inaugural issue online, and were kind enough to include three of my own works: two poems and a 112-word Flasher entitled “Zombies and Werewolves Need Not Apply”. You can read the entire issue HERE. They’ve since issued a 2nd Issue (equally good stuff) and Issue 3 is due out on the 1st of July.

But here’s the big news (for me, anyway): The Editors emailed me yesterday advising me of their plan to publish a PRINT selected-works anthology in October and asking permission to include my werewolves and zombies piece.

I’m always happy to be published, and doubly so when it’s in ink on a page. And I always feel most fully gratified whenever somebody offers to do both.

Many thanks to Founder / Editor-in-Chief Tamara Burross Grisanti and all of the other Editorial staff at Coffin Bell.

Long Live The Zombies!


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