Six Word Saturday

Now I Gotta Become A Salesman

(Asking people to buy stuff has never been one of my favorite activities, nor something I’m particularly good at, so please bear with me.)

Finishing Line

My premier chapbook, Fallen Away, to be published (at last!) by Finishing Line Press is slated to enter its “advance copy / prepublication sales” period next Tuesday, 5/29. Advance Sales will last until the end of July.

Although it won’t be released until mid-September, The Advance Sales figures are crucial, as they determine the initial pressrun. (PLEASE don’t ask me for details about what happens to books that don’t perform well during this period, because every time I think about it I totally freak out.)

So let me just say two things:

1)  I really need you to help me out here, and see if you can’t find your way clear to order at least one copy sometime between Tuesday and the end of July…I’m fairly confident that you won’t be disappointed when your copy arrives in September.

 2)  I apologize in advance for the fact that I’m about to become a shameless huckster.

Meanwhile, check out the Finishing Line Press website to see the kind of things they publish and familiarize yourself with the “Preorder Forthcoming Titles” Category.

Here endeth the sales pitch (for now, anyway).

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7 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

    • Thanks, Jo! I’m really pretty proud of the work, so hyping myself isn’t too distasteful…so far, anyway. I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed if you order.

    • Only Linda says I’m famous, and she’s my little sister, so….
      Still I AM really happy with the manuscript & think you’ll like it, too. I hope you like it enough to buy, maybe like 100 copies, okay?

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