Six Word Saturday


May Is Ankle-Deep In Blood Month

Finally! After several unavoidable delays, including the editor’s house burning down, Blood Puddles: Silent Screams in Liquid Darkness is set for release later this month.

My contribution included four (yes, four!) poems: 1) After The Pills Kick In, 2) Feeding The Cat, 3) Fernophobia, and 4) Some Sort Of Gun.

Mid-way through the editing process, Editor Jen Snow decided that the project would have to be issued in two sequential volumes. No word yet on Part II, but I believe that all of my work is set for the initial volume.

If the artwork I’ve been seeing at the project’s FaceBook page is any indication, I guess the project will be gory and bizarre enough to make fans of that genre stand up and cheer. I’m not sure my own contributions reach the same extreme, but I’m glad that they found a home.

Given the delays, I’m really looking forward to finally holding the whole bloody mess in my terrified fingers.



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