Six Word Saturday (x2)


1. I Have To Call My Sister
2. The Twister Just Barely Missed Her

Like so many thousands of others, we here in The Northeast Kingdom found ourselves—incredibly enough—under a tornado watch yesterday. That’s right, Torfrigginado!

Late in the afternoon, my Craftsbury sister posted a photo of a grey funnel in a dark grey sky about (maybe) a mile from her back door. We didn’t get that here, but just after dark the lightning & high winds kicked in, then died down somewhat until I turned in around 11.

I was up again from midnight to about 3AM, sitting in the living room while the whole house shook under sustained 50-70 mph winds, howling but not gusty. We only lost power briefly, fortunately.

My Beloved Sandra slept through the whole thing & looked at me like I was crazy as I related the story to her this morning.

Still 20,000 VT power outages this morning, though, and almost 30,000 in New York’s North Country. Proof enough, I guess.


6 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday (x2)

  1. Just before the time you were having those high winds, 12-ish, we were having the same kinds of winds, lasted maybe a half hour and yeah, the lights wobbled a bit too. You don’t suppose we were sharing weather? it really did sound fierce out there.

    A tornado passed through here a few years back, not more than a mile away, and I slept through it, but the damage along the roads was incredible. I’ll take hurricanes any day over that stuff.

  2. I’m liking this because noone was hurt, but it doesn’t sound like fun. Not a common occurence in your part of the world, Ron? Thankfully 🙂

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