Six Word NaPoWriMo

black ink
in darkened rooms

I chose these six words for Six Word Saturday to let you know that, as I have done in the past, I’ll be taking down most of April’s posts early next month and moving them into either the trash bin or the Works-In-Progress file for further refinement.

I don’t do the NaPoWriMo thing every year (this is maybe my 3rd or 4th) but as best I can figure, I think I’ve had about a half-dozen poems published that got their rough start in April’s daily grind.

A few more days to go. I guess I’ll muddle through. Sorry for putting you through it with me.

Six more, just for kicks:

some ink lasts
most does not


Six Word Saturday

6 thoughts on “Six Word NaPoWriMo

  1. stop beating yourself up, Ron.. Most of what you’ve posted here has been nothing to be ashamed of, and Im impressed that you could/would do it at all.

    And I will miss seeing these, truly.

    My only fear about trashing poetry that hasn’t mellowed out yet, is that now and then you look back over old stuff and think, hey…that’s pretty good. Change a word here, a word there…and if it’s trashed, you’ll never know.

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