Thursday Thirteen

13 Beatles Mis-Titles

1) Love Me Dew

2) Please Police Me

3) I Saw Her Standing Bare

4) Do You Want To Gnaw A Secret?

5) I Should Have Known Batter

6) Eight Days Of Weak

7) Yes, Turd Day

8) Day Stripper

9) Strawberries Feel Forever

10) All Unique Is Love

11) We Can Work A Doubt

12) Don’t Let Me Drown

13) Paperback Rider

(Sorry. Not my best effort. Mr Procrastination, who had an exhausting Tuesday & Wednesday, waited until almost midnight to put this list together.)

More T13s HERE

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Love it. #7 and 10 took a moment. My sister used to think Yellow Submarine was Jealous of Marine. Or should I say “lulloo” Submarine?

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