Six Word Saturday


Expect Blood Puddles Sometime In April


It’s been a while in the making, but four (yes, 4!) of my poems will be included in the forthcoming compilation, Blood Puddles — Silent Screams in Liquid Darkness: A Literary Journal of Horror, edited by Jen Snow.  I looks like it’s going to be a fairly large collection, but if what I’ve seen so far is any indication… worthwhile.

My four (yes, 4!) poems:
     1) Fernophobia
     2) Feeding The Cat
     3) “…some sort of gun.”
     4) After The Pills Kick In

I’ll let you know when it’s available.  Also, I’ll probably be able to post the poems at Eggs Over Tokyo…I’ll have to check the publishing contract first.  In any event, April’s gonna be a bloody good month.

Exciting, far less gory Sixes HERE

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