I Got Blisters On My Fingers


I’m very happy to let you know that my work, Coyote, a 242-word flasher will appear in Issue 5 of The Cabinet of Heed literary journal, set to appear in late February.

The Cabinet’s made available through the fine efforts of “Chief Polisher” Simon Webster, who recently released Issue 3, jam-packed with extraordinarily entertaining Short Stories, Flash Fiction and Poetry. You can CHECK IT OUT HERE. (All 3 Issues are worth your perusal!!)

I was especially grateful for the very rapid (6-day!) turnaround on my submission.

I’ll remind you & post a link when Coyote comes to town.


Also in the offing:

I know this doesn’t sound like my usual cup of tea, but…


I just received acceptance for four (that’s right, F.O.U.R.!) somewhat grisly poems for the forthcoming inaugural issue of Blood Puddles – Silent Screams In Liquid Darkness.
The theme for Issue 1 is Night Terrors and Daymares. It’s undergoing editing right now and will be published SOON! 

I’ll update you on this one, too, when the time’s right.


So, all things considered, including the 5 pieces already published, January’s been very kind to me. And, as I mentioned in an earlier post I HAVE EVEN BIGGER, MORE JOYOUS NEWS but I’m still not ready to disclose the details.


Biggest Kudos go to My Beloved Sandra, who has patiently put up with a man glued to his keyboard instead of totally fulfilling standard domestic obligations.

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