Six Word Saturday

I’m Not The Real Ron. Lavalette

No; the real Ron. Lavalette goes to bed at a reasonable hour, watches TV until he dozes off twice, then puts on his favorite Pandora lullaby channel and successfully completes his quest for a minimum of six-to-eight hours of unbroken, restful, healthy sleep.

No, wait; that’s not true. That never happens. Most nights, what really happens is that the real Ron. Lavalette always stays up  more-than-a-little too late, hoping that exhaustion will drive him to sleep quickly (which never happens) and then he watches TV until he can no longer count the incidences of pre-sleep dozing. Then he puts on his favorite Pandora lullaby channel and hopes it coaxes him into at least a reasonable excuse for a few scant hours of uneasy, sketchy napping.

No, not tonight though. Tonight the real Ron. Lavalette is nowhere near his bedroom. Instead, he sits sullenly at his insomniac keyboard hoping for inspiration and instructs me, his sleep-deprived alter-ego, to sit close by and nudge him if it looks like he might drift off.

I gotta find me somebody else to be.

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3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Oh, bless you, Ron! Doesn’t sound much fun. I have periods of sleeplessness when I’m worried over something and that’s bad enough. I would offer to come and sing you to sleep but you really wouldn’t like that. 🙂 🙂

  2. Love how you take something that must be torture for you and turn it into a light hearted read for us. Here’s hoping you have some restful nights.

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