Year-End Round Up

I had fewer—but almost as many—pieces published this year (12) than last year (16) or the year before (13), mainly because I took a hiatus from submissions due to personal issues and shoulder surgery.

Still I’m pretty happy to say that I had a pretty typical year, given the circumstances.

PLUS, I’ve already had a few pieces accepted that are slated for publication in 2018 (some early, some later).

And my goal for 2018 is to get The Janey Poems chapbook published. The manuscript’s out there, waiting for the right editor to say, “Hey! How did I miss this?!?”

OR: maybe that other collection (Fallen Away)…

At any rate, here’s the 2017 Rundown:

The Daily Grind — Poetry Breakfast
The Sad Truth — One Sentence Poems
Sisters — The Drabble
Duty — The Drabble
Awaiting Acceptance — Poetry Breakfast
Rehearsal — Eunoia Review
Senryu (loose leaf) — Failed Haiku
Senryu (doubletalk) — Failed Haiku
Shelter — One Person’s Trash
Tanka (castaway) – Tanka Journal
So Much Depends Upon A Red Wig — Of Burgers & Barrooms
Inspiration — One Sentence Poems

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