Thursday Thirteen

13 Gristmass Caroms

1) Angels (We Have Heard) Get High
2) Arrest These Hairy Gentlemen
3) Do You Fear What I Fear?
4) Gin Girl Bells
5) Hark! The Hairy Old Angels Sing
6) Jolly Insane Nicholas
7) Lettuce Snow, Lettuce Snow, Lettuce Snow
8) O, Come, Maul These Faithful
9) Raga Around The Christmas Tree
10) Rudolph The Red Knows Rain, Dear
11) Slay Ride
12) The Burst Noel
13) We Free Kinks From Orient Tar

Fewer Cynics at: New Thursday 13

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Just what were those hairy men up to?

    Don’t answer that. Yesterday I was looking for a youtube video in which men in kilts sang carols (Don’t ask.) when I discovered the Kilted Coaches series. You could say they are the butt of their own joke.

  2. Maul these Faithful – I don’t know but I can’t stop chuckling and I feel silly, then I get into full-blown laughter. Love, love this! Jolly ‘Insane’ Nicholas played a good part of my 9th year Music grade.

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