Dig Dat


I overcame my usual reluctance to submit to any journal’s inaugural issue (especially if I don’t know anything about the publisher / editor) and decided to take a chance on Coffin Bell, edited by Tamara Burross Grisanti and Sarah V. Parson.

I don’t write a lot of “dark literature” (in my opinion) so I figured I might be doing both the editors and myself—and hopefully the readers—a favor by submitting.

I’m glad I did! I sent them 3 pieces (2 poems and a very short fiction) and just received word that all 3 were accepted! Publication date is tentatively early January 2018.

I sent them:
Killing That Bitch Again (previously published at Your One Phone Call)
Zombies And Werewolves Need Not Apply
Death Of A Salesman

You know I’m gonna come back and provide a link to the pieces once they’re up, right?

Meanwhile, check them out: COFFIN BELL

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