The newcast says it’s the last
few shreds of Halley’s Comet
skimming by us out of Orion,
but the earthbound poet
doesn’t give a rat’s ass if it’s
Halley’s last gasp or just some
micro Cosmic fecal matter, flushed
decades or lightyears ago, or
even if it’s just a bunch of
hopped-up hippies up on the
hill playing with sparklers.
All the ink-headed haikuist
really cares about is whether
the flashes will last, how long
the flashes will last, how long
before the last flash flashes,
and does he have to go home
once the comet dust settles,
the last sparkle sparks, and
the final flash is finished.




8 thoughts on “Orionids

  1. Apparently the next sighting here of the comet will be around 2065. I doubt if we’ll be around to see it (but maybe we will BE it, and how cool is that), and probably if I did make it, at 120 I’d not much care anyway

  2. Brian Swimme is a physicist who has written wonderfully of comos. He once called conscious humanity the eye of the dragon — that which allows the universe to see its creation. Are poets irises, doing the heavy lifting of calibration?

  3. LOL, love those hopped up hippies on the hill with sparklers….perhaps the universe is just that random? Yet one sees the interconnection and recognizes a grand design. I think humans are the wild card here, an experiment gone awry.

  4. So much goes on in space in which we don’t pay attention – or like you insinuate – care about. (I like Bjorn’s comment 🙂

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