Thursday Thirteen

13 (Very) Loosely Related

1. Northern Lights
2. Southern Fried Chicken
3. Chicken Little
4. Little Women
5. Girl Of My Dreams
6. Sleeping Beauty
7. Belladonna
8. Donna Reed
9. Read ‘Em & Weep
10. For Crying Out Loud
11. The Sounds of Silence
12. Zip Your Lip
13. Kiss Me Kate

Another (Just because I felt like it):

1. one
2. too
3. also
4. as well
5. Wellington
6. boot
7. toot
8. coke
9. crack
10. butt
11. butter
12. better
13. won

I know; I know: lame. Sorry. Best I could manage this week. I’ll try to do better in the future. No guarantee for next week, though; My Beloved Sandra and I will be on the road.

Meanwhile, The New Thursday 13  awaits.


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