Ron. Fails (Twice)


Senryu poetry. Oh sure, it’s like a haiku, but it’s different. Instead of capturing only fogbound frog ponds and misty beehives, Senryu poetry includes actual human people. Go figure, eh?

I’m honored that Mike Rehling, Editor of Failed Haiku: A Journal of English Senryu has chosen to publish two of the half-dozen Senryu I submitted.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide a link to the specific page where my work appears (I’m page 75!) so you’ll have to scroll around a bit to get there, but please, please, please check them out.

* *

On Second Thought: I’ll save you the search, & post the two selected pieces here, but you should definitely check out the whole issue.

My contributions:

she could read him like a book—
not surprisingly
all his pages were loose leaves

a conference room:
he can’t believe his own ears
—it’s all doubletalk–

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