In My Case, Burgers


I can tell you this much: I’ve seen the authors’ galley print for the upcoming Main Street Rag anthology “Of Burgers & Barrooms” and if you can’t find something you’ll absolutely love within its (almost) 500 pages of poetry and prose, something’s seriously wrong.

If nothing else, my own (ahem) brilliant work, “So Much Depends Upon A Red Wig” (republished on page 261) would almost be worth the purchase price alone.

Speaking of purchase price: You can now save some big bucks by ordering an advance copy! Cool, eh? Projected publication date (November 14) cost will be $17.95 (plus shipping) but you can pre-order it today for only $10 (plus that same shipping, of course).

At any rate, you can check it out (including an extensive list of contributing authors) here: Of Burgers & Barroms.

2 thoughts on “In My Case, Burgers

  1. Congrats! I just checked out the title and will pre-order it. I love the title of your included piece and look forward to reading it. I remember studying William Carlos Williams’s “The Red Wheelbarrow” in college!

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