Thursday Thirteen


1. I’m
2. disappointed
3. because
4. Thursday
5. crept
6. up
7. on
8. me
9. and
10. I
11. wasn’t
12. adequately
13. prepared.

Now I’m stuck sitting here looking like some kind of really lazy blogger. I guess I will just have to pay more attention in the future. I mean, this Thursday Thirteen thing is something I really like to do. On the weeks that I forget to prepare adequately, I always feel bad. It’s not that I think the other bloggers might be counting on me. It means that I have to jump out of bed and think fast. I’m not really good at thinking fast when I’m fresh out of bed. The Thursday Thirteen posts I make when I’m fresh out of bed SUCK! I think I’ll get busy trying to write next week’s post this morning. Knowing me, though, that probably won’t happen because my nickname is “Mister Procrastination.” I’ll probably just disappoint everyone again next week with another really lame post.

Please accept this week’s apology, and apologies in advance for next week’s post.

More reliable T13 blogging at the NEW THURSDAY 13

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

    • JT:
      If you contract the “I will” in your response to “I’ll”, and change the period after “mister” to a semi-colon, it would pare it down to a 13-word sentence. I like 13-word sentences. You probably already figured that out, though.

  1. I for one count on you! I can’t believe I manage to put something up every Thursday for more than a decade. I think of it as a practice and kind of like writing a poem.

  2. We all have rough weeks every now and again. I did a few weeks ago, and wasn’t overly thrilled with today’s entry (I was interrupted three times trying to write it). It’s a good mental exercise, though. And you made the goal – 13. You were also right about the song. I changed it to I’d like to teach the world to sing.

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