Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Imaginary Law Firms

1. Tsong & Danz
2. Hale & Hardy
3. Fyfe & Drumm
4. Rhyse & Schein
5. Waite & Tse
6. House & Holms
7. Penn & Dinke
8. Cole & Ashe
9. Kutz & Berns
10. Black & Whyte
11. Coates & Tize
12. Cash & Carey
13. Bluhm & Groh

(OK, OK. Not my best effort ever, but….)

Yesterday’s gone. Go visit the New Thursday 13

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. I thought these were great. Reminds me of some local doctors – Whizznat, who does male urinary, and Clapp, who is a gynecologist.

  2. A new character name list for a mystery series!!

    Every book in the series highlights a different firm….

    Coates & Tize would be representing defendant Florence Faux-Pas. She is accused of smuggling illegal polyester pant brands into the U.S.

    Thank you, I think I have my idea for my next flash fiction story. XD

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