Thursday Thirteen

(Note today IS Thursday the 13th. YAY!!)

13 Words, Semi-Alphabetically

(Sorry. Pretty lame, but the best I can mange at present)

1. AdliB
2. CuD
3. ElF
4. GrapH
5. JacuzzI (Limited options. See What I did there?)
6. KrilL
7. MeloN
8. OutstriP
9. QuitteR
10. SleeT
11. VertU (Same as #5, Above)
12. WaX
13. YutZ

You know you can find far more interesting T13 contributions HERE.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Your have such a playful original spirit, Ron! Letters are like equations to me too. And now my brain is working on other options for jacuzzi and vertu.

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