Thursday Thirteen

U          R          E

1. (I love doing the Thirsty 13!)
2. Tube E or not Tube E?
3. How do I love the E?
4. Let me count the waves.
5. I love U more than eye can say…
6. and not just for your bawdy.
7. Everyone else loves U2.
8. Absolutely no one knows Y, though.
9. It’s hard to explain Y.
10. It’s because Y is naughty…
11. Only U   R   E and Y is naught.
12. I love you, E; and why not?
13. You are form E!


Other (more coherent) T13s HERE


7 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. MasterpiEce! I once questioned why my E was always he first letter to wear out on my keyboard and someone answered ‘from typing too many E-mails.’ E is maybe the only one-pointer letter in Scrabble that I like to get.

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