Six Word Saturday

Well, That Was One Short Retirement!

I awoke at 4:20 this morning as usual—despite medicinal inducements to slumber more soundly (I’ve worked my way down to a single, bedtime, La-La producing dose)—to the fog-brained, disheartening belief that not only was Summer Vacation over, but that my hard-earned and eagerly-awaited retirement was not to be.

I dreamed that some monstrous governmental agency had rescinded all prior rules and regulations, and ordered that any and all sick / vacation days I had ever legitimately taken over my entire working years would hereby need to be “made up and re-contributed” (ie worked without payment) before I could “legitimately” retire.

Apparently, this new legislation was ordered to make up for some slight and apparently inadvertent reduction of tax-relief being awarded to the very richest among us.

I know I’ve been watching a little too much MSNBC lately, but…

Now that my heart rate has returned to normal, I might go back & catnap for a while before I make My Beloved’s coffee.

6WS Fun Continues HERE

4 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. oh, the terror. Oh, the relief. I’d stay away from TrumpNews for a few days. Weeks. Forever. He gives me nightmares and I don’t even listen.

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