How To Make Ends Meet

buffOne of the things I did to put myself through college was floor maintenance, buffing the same damned narrow quarter-mile of hallway six nights a week.  I also electroplated circuit boards and stocked shelves. I’ve had lots of other crazy jobs, too. I drove fork-lifts and loaders for a bulk mailing outfit.  (I may have also called your home, trying to sell you replacement windows and siding, but I try not to talk about that very much.)

Oy. Don’t get me started.  I guess everyone who’s old enough to be facing retirement has tales to tell of their many exploits in the employment realm.

I made up this Zen riddle while I was still just a floor buffer:

Q: Why can’t the floor buffer guy be on vacation when he’s only half-way down the hall?
A: Yes, he can.




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