Gandhi Was A Farce


It might as well be a movie about the Martian Civil War, in Martian, with Swedish subtitles. Gandhi was murdered lifetimes before anyone in the audience was born. Gandhi was murdered before they were born and long, long before anything which is commonplace in their lives today was commonplace at all or, for that matter, even existent.

Weeks and weeks ago, they were asked to reproduce the Indian flag, which they dutifully did. None of them asked about the significance of the spinning wheel pictured at the flag’s center. One intrepid and not yet fully disillusioned instructor attempted to explain it, but the concept of hand-spun thread, hand-woven into cloth was so foreign that its explanation might as well have been delivered in Martian or in Swedish, or in any other foreign tongue.


The Daily Post prompt: Farce


One thought on “Gandhi Was A Farce

  1. the world changes to keep up with itself
    and we change too. Not always for the better
    although that too is debatable

    If you discard enough of ‘old history” and the why
    of it, you will soon be seeing the truth in the saying,
    “those who ignore the past are doomed to
    repeat it.”

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