Forward To A Rough Draft

Some parts of this story don’t make any sense.
Some parts of the beginning of this story,
shrouded in ambiguity and
lost in unintended double entendre,
do not seem to follow.
In certain paragraphs of this story,
obfuscation and verisimilitude;
before this story concludes,
pointless redundancy
will share its throne with
relentless, tedious verbosity
and puerile flights of fancy.

By all means, gentle reader, read on.


Prompt: Maze


2 thoughts on “Forward To A Rough Draft

  1. Been there, more than once. The wood stove burns brighter some mornings for that. And yes, this is perfect. Reundancy and uninintentional double entendres (although I sincerely doubt any double entendre is totally unintentional) notwithstanding.

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