Zombification On The Rise

news junkie

They lie and they lie and they lie. When they’re done lying, they rest, briefly, then—once they’ve caught their breath—they begin a second round of lying, believing (accurately) that these lies are more convincing than the originals.

Everyone within earshot is exposed. Some are lulled into believing every syllable while others, more jaded by prior experience, are able to resist the sirens and continue thinking for themselves. There are, however, far fewer of these than there are of the deeply zombified believers and, sadly, with each passing generation there are even fewer still.


One thought on “Zombification On The Rise

  1. And when you get assaulted daily online with things like “Kate MIddleton in TEARS” and “Meryl Streep and Redford to Wed”, after awhile the little machine inside that is supposed to help you distinguish hyperbole from hype from reality just throws up it’s little hands and dies.

    And if it’s hard for adults to sort it all out (I wont tell you the number of times I scrolled down, down…) think how much harder for kids.

    It may be advertising, it may be politics (some days it’s hard to tell the two apart), but a lie is a lie is a lie. And sooner or later the thinking few that remain take an oath to never believe anyone or anything again. Even themselves.

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