Six Word Saturday (x2)


Play” Is Good; “Pause” Is Better

While I like to consider myself still an “activist”, I also find myself stepping aside more and more frequently just to observe & analyze, in hopes that whatever meager contribution I can still make to The Resistance will be maximized.

Bonus six:

All My Nooks Are Crannies Now

(Please don’t ask me about this one. It was just there when I woke up this morning.)

And the Sixes go marching on. SEE THEM HERE

9 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday (x2)

  1. I love the second one. I’ve begun feeling that way too, lately. Im just afraid if I develop too many more crannies I’ll fall into one and disappear.

  2. I like the notion of you leading the resistance. 🙂 Everything seems to call to mind a song with me. ‘My resistance is low…’ Can’t remember the rest. 😦

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