Drabble Ends The Drought


I’m very happy to announce that my short prose piece, “Sisters“, is up today at The Drabble.  They publish short pieces (ie 100 words or fewer) daily, both prose and poetry, and virtually everything I’ve ever read there has been worthwhile.  This is my third appearance there, and I’m grateful not only for their acceptances, but for their speedy response time for submissions.

You should check them out.

You might start here:

>>>SISTERS (Today)
>>>A NEW GREEN (10.17.16)
>>>INTERSTATES (10.14.16)

6 thoughts on “Drabble Ends The Drought

  1. So, your title piques my curiosity. Drought?

    Does that mean you had gone a while without publication? Drabble rejected several in a row before accepting this one? There had been a number of lackluster Drabbles before yours came along?

    So many possibilities even beyond the few that I’ve identified, yet I’m sure that only one is correct.

    By the way, your story was great, and I marked it with a Like. Nicely done.

    • Thanks for stopping by, John. Drought (this time) was due mostly to the fact that I’ve not been busily submitting and that (as a result) I’d had nothing published since January. I’m usually a little more active on the submission mission & have been pretty lucky with acceptances (my overall average is at about 25%). Check out EGGS OVER TOKYO (see above).

      I’m glad you liked “Sisters”, and I hope you’ll enjoy some of my other stuff, elsewhere, as well.

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