Ron.’s Indian Itinerary

He’s up early, as usual, so he thinks about planning a trip to India, but changes his mind at the last minute and plans an imaginary trip to India instead. Within minutes of this change, however, he changes his mind again, deciding (at last!) to plan a trip to an imaginary India, thus relieving himself of the burdens of both itinerary and expense planning while simultaneously absolving himself of the sin of actual (as opposed to imaginary) self-indulgence.

In the end, he spends almost an hour staring at his computer screen, lost in deep meditation of an image of the Taj Mahal before virtually flying off to party with the Indian Babes of Bollywood.

The best part of the trip is that he’s able to make it home in time to wake up His Beloved Sandra so that they can both get to work on time. It’s only Tuesday, after all, and she has miles to go before she sleeps again; and he, who so very rarely sleeps at all these days, is still going nowhere fast.

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