Six Word Saturday

I Got Blisters On My Fingers!

(Thank God April Is Almost Over) 

I’m pretty worn out. In addition to undertaking the task of writing a daily poem to meet the NaPoWriMo Challenge, I also decided to write some something each day in response to the one-word prompts provided by The Daily Post.

Although I almost never write to prompts, I stuck to the TDP prompts pretty faithfully, but ignored them at the NaPoWriMo site, just so that I could have some breathing room. In both cases, I decided on short, more formally structured pieces just to keep myself from frying out completely.

Along the way, I put up an additional 10 posts, just because, um, well…just because.

Here’s the breakdown:

For NaPoWriMo:
5 Sevenlings
4 Tanka
4 Senryu
2 Haiku
1 Cinquain
2 Shadorma
2 Hybrids
1 Free Verse

For The Daily Post:
17 Pieces, Various
(Prompts: Later, Pause, Cusp, Champion, Denial, Outlier, Heal, Blindly, Unravel, Pleased, Timely, Measure, Cranky, Climbing, Jolt, Chuckle, Fry)

4 Six Word Saturdays

1 Thursday 13

2 Easter-themed poems (not to any prompt)

10 Additional Posts

Only Eight More Days To Go…


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