Six Word Saturday

Dear Mom, I Am A Failure


Dear Mom,

Even though you’ve been dead for almost twenty years now, I thought I should write to apologize for the fact that your second-oldest son is an abject failure.

You probably remember how when I was a kid I was always yammering on and on about peace and brotherhood, ending the endless wars, etc? You remember how, every time you went shopping I would write “World Peace” on the shopping list & when you got home I always dutifully asked if they’d had any for sale (no), in stock (never), or even on order (not bloody likely)?

Well, I’m well into my 60s now, and nothing’s changed, at least not for the better.

A couple days ago, our alleged President dropped this big honking bomb on a bunch of alleged enemies. He managed to kill a couple dozen of them, but I did some math and figured out that it took about 600 pounds of explosive and cost about half a million dollars per man to do so.

We both know that there are better ways to spend that money.
And we both know that it’s not really about the money, anyway.
We both know what it’s all about, right?
Right. World Fucking Peace. Is that so fucking hard to see?

At any rate, Mom, I’m sorry. I mean, I’ll keep on trying and all that, but it looks like your second-oldest son, the peacenik, will be joining you in the Great Beyond without having succeeded at the one thing he always considered the most important.

It’ll be good to see you again though. Given the direction things are headed here, I’m almost looking forward to it.

Your Loving Son,



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6 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Never, Ron! You can only be responsible for your own self. Would that it were different. It doesn’t feel appropriate to wish you a happy Easter but I do 🙂 🙂

  2. Oh Ron you’re definitely not a failure on this, think most of us had this as a goal when we were little and many of us still want it now…..

  3. Oh, well written Ron!
    It is hard to look around us and be cheerful, but then we discover individuals who make a difference in a positive way and positivity can return.
    Have as good a weekend as possible !

  4. It ain’t you, honeybunch, that’s the failure. If you choose to think so, I can’t help that, but if wishes was horses we’d all have a stable full, and world peace as well. In that regard, we’re all failures.
    But it doesn’t stop us from trying, or hoping.

    My great aunt Jennie was a Benedictine nun in a cloistered order in Boston. Their main goal in life, quite literally, was to pray for world peace. In their day it was called “the end of communism”
    but the goal was the same. Eventually what they prayed for
    came about, and I wonder if they all weren’t totally convinced that all those prayers actually worked.

    Maybe they did. Maybe it will, again.

  5. You never know how many people you have ‘touched’ Or influenced as in ‘The greatest gift’
    I know my Mother and her values have influenced me in every decision I have made- even now – she died in 1989.
    We always have hope…

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