Six Word Saturday

I’ve Been Kinda Busy Lately, But…

…I wouldn’t want our friend Cate from SHOW MY FACE (who has hosted 6WS for ages, but is now handing over the reins) or our friend Debbie Smyth at TRAVEL WITH INTENT (who is magnanimously and ably taking up said reins) to think I’ve abandoned either of them.

I’ve been trying to squeeze in regular visits to Debbie’s fantastic site, but it’s been a little rough this month (National Poetry Writing Month). 

I will definitely be visiting every Saturday, though, come hell or high water…probably.

Anyway…here’s my advice: join other 6ers at:

4 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Hee hee I am going to be a ‘probably’ like you me thinks, but also like you had to make sure I took part in Debbie’s first. Fab 6WS as always Ron.

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