Thank You Very Much, Mr. Ginsberg


Allen Ginsberg was the reason I started writing poetry (almost 50 years ago). Finally, I think I’m getting pretty good at it. Thank you very much, Mr. Ginsberg.

Twenty years ago today, Allen Ginsberg—author of Howl, Beat poet, revolutionary free mind, Buddhist, teacher, activist—died at the age of 70.

Associate Editor Emily Temple has published 20 rare photos of A.G. and his literary mates in today’s issue of Literary HubIt’s a must-see.  Check it out HERE.


4 thoughts on “Thank You Very Much, Mr. Ginsberg

  1. Allen Ginsberg

    I smoked dope with Allen Ginsberg.
    It’s hard to remember now –
    a high school student interview
    in a hotel late at night,
    with questions lacking
    content and depth.
    I didn’t know much
    about his writing,
    and even less about him, but
    I knew that he was a member
    of the Beat Generation,
    that he rocked the establishment
    and that he smoked dope.
    My ignorance was embarrassing,
    somewhat then and more so now.
    He was very gracious and tolerant
    and happily shared a joint
    with a trio of star-struck teenagers.
    12 November 2003

    • Thanks for sharing that, Duckie. I’m envious. I met him face-to-face twice, but was too awestruck and ignorant to have truly benefitted. I treasure a framed photo (local newspaper) hanging in my office of me standing in his proximity, Peter Orlovsky also beside him, the three of us staring up at some mural during a walking poetry tour of Hartford (CT USA) in May ,78.

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