Six Word Saturday

six words

This Ain’t No April Fool’s Joke

I’d been hoping it was just a bad dream or some kind of nasty prank but, sadly, it’s not. Our friend Cate, over at SHOW MY FACE, is indeed giving up the 6WS reins and handing them over to our friend Debbie Smyth at TRAVEL WITH INTENT.

Cate Says:

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Six Word Saturday #421 (April 1 – next week) will be the last here at Show My Face. Beginning April 8, the weekly fun will be moving over to TRAVEL WITH INTENT. Debbie’s been a frequent long-time 6WS contributor (and has a beautiful blog!) and she’s graciously agreed to step up and take over for me. If you aren’t already following Debbie, please follow her blog.

I know I’m not the only one sending best wishes and many thanks to Cate for having provided us all something to look forward to each week, and also sending positive vibes to Debbie Smyth for volunteering to take up the baton.

PS: And if this is, indeed, some sort of cruel hoax, Cate, I want you to know I am NOT laughing! Thanks again for providing some of my best Saturdays, and best wishes to you in the future!

3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. How sweet of you to bid Cate farewell! (Some blog hosts “retire,” and no one ever says a thing.)

  2. Aww, no, not a hoax. The date was more or less a coincidence after talking with Debbie – I wanted to give her a few weeks before she took over. But thanks for the lovely sendoff. I’m going to miss it but I’m on to other things!

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