Thursday Thirteen

Now Hear This

1.  I’ve decided not to write about that anymore.
2. This is just one more thing I’m not going to write about.
3. I might write about this and that from time to time but…
4. these are just some of the things I’m totally done with.
5. I’ve written about them for far too long.
6. These subjects are dead to me now.
7. They hold no interest.
8. Their substance is thin and inconsequential.
9. The world just doesn’t want to read about that any more.
10. Those topics are totally played out.
11. The trash-heap is theirs…and good riddance, I say.
12. Erase them from our collective memory.
13. That is all.


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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. When my predictable habits come into play, I change course, even by a bit and even with writing.

  2. Sometimes things must be said time and time again in order for anything to filter through a thick skull. But not everything.

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