Plains Bless The Newcomer

(Admittedly an oldie, written when I attended the Iowa Summer Writers’ Festival ages ago, but reworked here to fit todays Daily Prompt: Fortune)

Plains Bless The Newcomer

The fortune of finding a keyring
after having been given the keys:
shining ring on the sunny sidewalk
at the bus stop; and the driver, friendly;
these, and other blessings beside—
a yellow note, taped to my door near midnight,
Sandra, safe and away in The Windy City,
a fridge with a freezer that works—
these are the blessings of the plains,
and I am come to claim them all:
the countless thickets where the gray birds sing
the thunder, rolling through rolling hills,
the small, still lake where the water
holds the clouded sky upside-down, an
instant balanced on the promise of rain.

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