Sevenling (it’s hard to)



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Sevenling (it’s hard to)

It’s hard to tell the difference, sometimes:
the total imbecility, the misleading implications,
the deliberate attempts at lying subterfuge.

And it’s hard to know how to react:
passive resistance and patience, impeachment and
replacement, or blood-in-the-streets revolution.

I know how I’m leaning these days.

One thought on “Sevenling (it’s hard to)

  1. We are long overdue for rioting in the streets, for utterly outraged students, for protest marches and what will pass for sit ins and firehoses for the innocent; It’s been fifty years, give or take, and it’s time.

    My outrage won’t matter a bit. My despair at all of this isn’t going to change anything except my heart rate and mood of the moment, sadly.

    Maybe that’s part of the problem, the sense that there truly isn’t anything we can do individually, and damn little collectively.

    Good god, Mary Poppins just morphed into Eeyore.

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