Maybe In April….

I’ll Have To Blog More Frequently


The last time I undertook the National Poetry Writing Month challenge was a couple of years ago and, frankly, it totally wore me out.  Thirty poems in thirty days is, um, a lot of work. I’m not a write-on-demand sort of guy. But I have to admit that the effort produced several rough drafts that were worth polishing up and more than just a couple that were subsequently published, so…..

I guess I’ll be writing & posting daily next month. Maybe.  Unless I get tired. Or run dry. Or lose interest. Or get too busy. Or.  Or.   Or….

I think that this time around, though, unless I get really inspired, I’m gonna concentrate on shorter, more formal pieces only.  So: you can pretty much expect a fair number of haiku/senryu, tanka, maybe some cinquains or sevenlings, etc.  No Limericks, though.  I hates me them Limericks.  Ick.

I hate writing Limericks, it’s true.
They’re simply too boring to do.
(The rhythm’s too easy;
the tone is too breezy.)
I’ll leave all the Limericks to you.

You can, of course, (as always) feel free to ignore me in April.  I hope you won’t, though.

PS: NaPoWriMo 2017 Website


Call Me Cate collects cool Saturday bloggers at: SHOW MY FACE




7 thoughts on “Maybe In April….

  1. maybe in april (the weather is warmer)
    I’ll go back to being a lady farmer
    crank up the mower
    forget the snowblower
    work on my tan (when the weather is warmer)

    I’ve considered that 30 day challenge, but the thoughts
    of hafta vs. wanna puts me in a cold sweat. I do, however,
    admire anyone who can.

  2. Already? Only seems 5 minutes since the last one 🙂 I can still hear Viv’s comments whenever I think about it. No, I won’t be joining in but I’ll come and admire.

  3. I’ve been so off the grid since 2017 began. 2016 wasn’t a very creative year for me, and I had hoped to get rolling again, but life intervened. So thanks for posting this link. I think I might give it a try. I certainly need the discipline of writing daily again. Good luck!

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