Six Word Saturday

It’s Just Another Soliloquy, Dude. Y’know?

 (This Year I’d Rather Be Hibernating)

Maybe it’s the aging, fading body.  Maybe it’s the constant medication changes.  This hasn’t been my favorite winter.  Don’t confuse me with Hamlet, though.  I’d just like a little break.  Nap; wake up a new me.  Have good dreams for a change.  Capture a few in six-word sentences.

What more could a man ask?


Call Me Cate suggests we show our faces at: SHOW MY FACE


6 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had a hard winter. Never mind: spring is a cummin in!

    Thanks for the video. I LOVE Adrian Lester. Ever since the first episode of Hustle, when he turned to camera and smiled at me, full of charm and gorgeousness. Fabulous actor.

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