Six Word Saturday

Last Night: Composite Of Recurring Dreams


  • The Rugsucker, broken (as usual) and left behind dream
  • The Everything made out of something else dream
  • The everyone living in the woods dream
  • The almost being totally lost dream
  • The inability to remember where I parked  dream
  • The upstairs, open air bar that inexplicably refuses me service dream
  • The (Segway? HoverBoard? electric kite?) transport into a realer reality dream
  • The homey storefront (this time selling glass trinkets, not magical musical   instruments like last time, or musical recordings of fruit the time before that) dream
  • The storefront’s owner, Sharon

This time her name’s Sharon & she remembers me from the last time I dreamed her, even though this time, in this dream, I’ve lost my very long, neatly manicured beard, having cut it off & donated it to Locks Of Love to avoid losing it to chemotherapy. Sharon’s pregnant by some guy who’s not around anymore. She doesn’t say why he’s gone. It doesn’t appear that she misses him. She initially pretends she doesn’t notice me, then suddenly turns to tell me how much she’s missed me and how much she hopes I’ll hang around this time.

I wake up before I can answer. I hear myself humming La Marseillaise because the 9th-graders are studying the French Revolution this week.

As always, I get up & start brewing the coffee for My Beloved Sandra.


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