Fair Warning


Photo Credit: Murray Lundberg / explorenorth.com

I know the limit’s 50, but
I know the limit’s 50 on a
clear, dry morning commute
which this, asshole, is most
clearly not.
………………So by all means,
please feel completely free to
ignore my high-beams in your
rear-view mirror.
………………….   .Go ahead;
pass if you will, or pass if you
must, but pass me in a passing
zone or prepare to be blinded.

And if I find you, a mile or two
down the icy road, spun off
into the pasture beside that
ancient, abandoned barn, I
might slow down long enough
to make sure you haven’t died.

But don’t expect a lift into town.

2 thoughts on “Fair Warning

  1. oh, perfect. If he’s breathing when you find him, throw a blanket over him, at least. If he’s not, it won’t matter.

    Vermont is definitely a road rage state, innit.

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